JFo, Jennifer Forgione, was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. From the moment her little fingers could hold a pencil, she was drawing. Drawing was her escape, an obsession that carries through her life.

Her imagination is a constant flow of inspiration, brimming with more characters than her drawing can keep up with. A natural talent, she never required schooling for bringing her creations into the world.

A decade ago, and already a successful illustrator, she was encouraged to pick up a paint brush and “try it out.” This experiment took a strong foothold, and ever since, JFo has been perfecting her craft by painting portraits for people, both locally, and all over the country. Over the past several years, she decided to fully embrace her inspired drive and her creative desires, and committed fully to painting her original pieces.

JFo spent the majority of her life creating what she thought she should. A profound shift occurred in 2016, when she discovered her true inner voice, and couldn’t silence it any longer. She likes to say that she “embraced her weird” and always advocates for the world doing the same. All of the subjects in her paintings, whether people or things, have been chosen because they lift her heart. She believes that being yourself and doing what makes you happy is why we are here, and her dream is to share her creations with the world, knowing that the love she puts into each work of art will emanate through each home her paintings hang in.

JFo lives with her wife, Jen, a filmmaker ( and energy healer (, and their dogs, Marlon and Humphrey. Together, they are committed to living an expansive, creative, and above all authentic life.



Humphrey is a three year old Yorkie who has been with JFo since he was 8 weeks old. He is attached to her and the two are rarely apart. You will find him in most of her social media photos, chilling out on his beanbag or chewing a toy. (Zoom in and you will find him somewhere!)

In his spare time, Humphrey likes to stare at his mothers, sit on Marlon’s face, and steal his bones.